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Introducing Tom's first solo album inspired by a song he wrote when his beloved father passed away.  His father was a great inspiration, and led him in a different direction musically.  Always a composer for the many bands that span his 50 years in music, this time Tom decided to 'write for himself', and has produced an amazing collection of original music, as well as several songs he has always wanted to cover throughout his  career.  And this is a songwriters album. The cover songs have been motivated by some of Tom's musical heroes he has loved over the years.  The choice of a small lake studio set the stage perfectly, and began a three year journey to perfecting this release.  Dan Ward, co-producer on A Crow by my Door was a natural choice for the undertaking since in Tom's words, "he was completely aligned with my writing and producing, and reminds me a lot of myself when I was younger in both writing and producing. Dan is also an excellent songwriter".

The musicians for the project were all chosen for their personality and musical style, and all have inspired Tom's writing on the album, and it shows.  Reflecting on the project, he notes that there was one person who helped shape this release, "and that person is Earl Filsinger.  I think he truly inspired me to be a better player.  I think he is the best guitarist to ever come out of Stratford".  On a personal note, Tom sums it up this way, "I hope people really enjoy the album.  I look forward to creating music as long as I am able.  And I hope someone is listening..."


New Studio Release, December 13, 2015
analog mastering


Introducing Love Lies Bleeding

a collection of poems and prayers by Tom's son

Jason T. Waschkowski


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Coming this spring Tom’s new book called “LOOKING BACK” - It talks about the beginnings of Rock n’ Roll in Canada and how it progressed over the years. It is interspersed with stories by some of Tom”s friends from over the years. There are contributions by Jack De Keyser, Earl Filsinger, Grant Heywood, David Kalmusky

Wayne Brown, Jay Riehl, and many others. Rock n’ Roll from a guy that lives it…..

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